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Welcome at Bikeschool-Innsbruck

Your Mountainbike Guiding and Skills training Experts in Innsbruck

We offer mountainbike guiding in and around Innsbruck every day from April to November. Our team consists of fully licensed local guides and stacks up a good 100 years of combined experience. We take care of your needs and give our best to fulfill your wishes. We thoroughly enjoy mountain biking and see it as an experience unlike any other (well, except skiing maybe). We not only show you a great trail or find the perfect park run with you, we also show you the closest lake or watering hole, guide you through the mountains and also to the best local food, pizza or sushi. Your choice! 

Come ride with us!


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Dr. Christoph Ammann
+43 660 41 48 337

Rental & Service

Get your equipment from Innsbruck´s best.

Die Börse in the City Center of Innsbruck provides you with the finest equipment for your day out in the wild with us. All bikes (including Downhill and eBikes) and safety gear is freshly serviced, washed and dried and ready for you to use.

Local Trail

Bikepark Innsbruck 

Diverse trails with phenomenal views over Innsbruck and a spectacular alpine backdrop. Fast trails, mountain huts for eating and chilling, and a practice area await.

Clif Bar

Energy for all


CLIF BARS are perfect before and during any activity. We thoughtfully craft our foods to provide nutrition you can feel good about whether for working out, running, spinning, or hiking


Eco Sports Sunscreen

HIMAYA is sports sun protection, developing performance products that help protect the skin of people who spend long periods of time in the sun. Outdoor sports participants place themselves at a high risk of overexposure to UV radiation, which can result in long-term skin damage such as sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.

Social Networks and gatherings

Every Wednesday we meet up at Bikepark Innsbruck for an Afterwork Pumptrack Session, join us!