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Our rates depend on the length of the ride and how large your group is. 

Book a 3 hour skill training session or bikepark guiding for €120 and bring another person for only €60 per additional rider.

up to 5 riders per group


Please get in touch for our special full day family offers.

Groups larger than 8 bikers require a second guide, please contact us ahead of time with your wishes and specifications.

Multi-day adventures like cross alps tours require thorough planning, so please inquire ahead of time.


Connect with us directly, book a tour or ask a question.


Dr. Christoph Ammann

Brandjochstraße 6, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 660 41 48 337

Rental & Service

Get your equipment from Innsbruck´s best.

Die Boerse in the City Center of Innsbruck provides you with the finest equipment for your day out in the wild with us. All bikes (including Downhill and eBikes) and safety gear is freshly serviced, washed and dried and ready for you to use.


One backpack. Maximum flexibility.


The perfect companion on bike tours. SYMPHONY gives a whole new meaning to flexibility in backpacks. Thanks to its unique expansion system (patent pending), you get two different sizes with just one backpack.


Goggles & Sunglasses 

Find the perfect Bike and Snow Goggle plus functional sunglasses at Delayon. Quality matched with style!

Sustainability and giving back reside in the core of this sport equipment brand.


Clif Bar

Energy for all


CLIF bars are perfect before and during any activity. We thoughtfully craft our foods to provide nutrition you can feel good about whether for working out, running, spinning, or hiking


Eco Sports Sunscreen

HIMAYA is sports sun protection, developing performance products that help protect the skin of people who spend long periods of time in the sun. Outdoor sports participants place themselves at a high risk of overexposure to UV radiation, which can result in long-term skin damage such as sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.


Stay focused

Headstart was developed with one single goal in mind: keeping your brain active and allowing you to maintain mental focus during your activity. Headstart is scientifically proven to enhance your physical and psychological efficiency.


Your guide to the mountains.


Discover, plan track and share your outdoor adventures. Wherever your inspiration takes you, you’ll be ready for any adventure. From those late night planning sessions to those early morning summits.

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