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Dr. Christoph Ammann

+43 660 41 48 337



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information will I receive to prepare me for my bike trip?

Everything you need to know. Start point, duration, who will guide/train you and some info on the weather-situation if necessary. Just so you are prepared when the heavens open up.

How fit do I need to be?

We arrange everything for you specifically, so you need to be in shape for your very own adventure. Most clients are in good shape and exercise regularly. The downhill oriented folks will be enjoy being taken up by a gondola in Bikepark Innsbruck or one of the other Parks in the vicinity. Pedalling uphill for an hour or two is too much for you? Well, let’s eBike then!

What is the group size?

Depending on your demand, we take care of you alone or find a suiting group with adequate age and fitness level. You having a good time with us is what we value the most.

Who will be leading the trip?

Most likely you will be guided by Christoph, an experienced and friendly mountain guy. Some adventures are better taken of by one of the other guides and we will always fit you to the guide we think works best for you.

Who are the typical people who join your trips?

No such thing. We have toured and perfected skills with clients aged 6 and also 60ish (no details here). Everyone can enjoy riding a bike!

What are the trails like?

Depending on your demand we will ride laps in Bikepark Innsbruck or tour the wild and remote valleys the Tyrol has to offer. Want to cross the Alps on bike? We look forward to get you across safely and in style. Generally, when touring we also teach you the skills to handle the terrain with fun.


Connect with us directly, book a tour or ask a question.


Dr. Christoph Ammann

Höhenstraße 100a

6020 Innsbruck

+43 660 41 48 337


Rental & Service

Get your equipment from Innsbruck´s best.

Die Boerse in the City Center of Innsbruck provides you with the finest equipment for your day out in the wild with us. All bikes (including Downhill and eBikes) and safety gear is freshly serviced, washed and dried and ready for you to use.


One backpack. Maximum flexibility.


The perfect companion on bike tours. SYMPHONY gives a whole new meaning to flexibility in backpacks. Thanks to its unique expansion system (patent pending), you get two different sizes with just one backpack.


Goggles & Sunglasses

Find the perfect Bike and Snow Goggle plus functional sunglasses at Delayon. Quality matched with style!

Sustainability and giving back reside in the core of this sport equipment brand.


First Degree

MTB shoes

Armed with no shortage of style, FIRST DEGREE shoes sport fresh designs while also delivering unrivaled performance. Whether deep into an all-day mission or just kicking back at the bar, riders appreciate their refined appearance and thoughtful attention to detail. Yet don’t be fooled by their clean lines, these shoes are ready to get down and dirty. 



Enjoy the ride!

O’NEAL is a well-known brand in the Mountainbiking community, offering a wide range of high-quality equipment and apparel for riders of all levels. From protective helmets and gloves , O’NEAL has everything you need to tackle the toughest trails with confidence.


Eco Sports Sunscreen

HIMAYA is sports sun protection, developing performance products that help protect the skin of people who spend long periods of time in the sun. Outdoor sports participants place themselves at a high risk of overexposure to UV radiation, which can result in long-term skin damage such as sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.


Stay focused

Headstart was developed with one single goal in mind: keeping your brain active and allowing you to maintain mental focus during your activity. Headstart is scientifically proven to enhance your physical and psychological efficiency.


Your guide to the mountains.


Discover, plan track and share your outdoor adventures. Wherever your inspiration takes you, you’ll be ready for any adventure. From those late night planning sessions to those early morning summits.

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